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Because the TANGO was declared part of the World's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations UNESCO.
Because it is difficult to picture an annual artistic planning without the presence of the TANGO. Thanks to this fact, it is now present in most capital cities in the world.
Because, as a consequence of the aforementioned fact, there are many fans and professionals who are carrying out activities to promote and enable a practical approach to the TANGO in all its expressions. This is the reason why any planning that includes it is bound to gather a numerous culturally-heterogeneous audience as it provides not only music and dance but also a literary experience.
Because the TANGO is also a way of life that brings together many cities around the world captivated by the mystery of its success. It has stayed alive since 1880 and undergoes permanent renewal. Therefore it has turned into a real cultural phenomenon.

Because the TANGO comes from melting together of European immigrants with the off springs of slave and mixed population. The result was a wide range of traditions, believes and rituals which led to a distinctive cultural identity around Rio de la Plata. One of them was a sensual dance characterized by legs rubbing and entangling which became an internationally recognized symbol of passion.
Because cultural growth implies planning for both, promoting local artists and welcoming cultural expressions from other cities in the world. The recent migration phenomena have enhanced multiculturalism and revealed the value of what is foreign as a sure way to integration. The TANGO embodies and encourages diversity and cultural dialogue.
Because the TANGO is a universal expression, such as jazz and flamenco, its siblings from the same century, which reunifies four fine arts: instrumental music, dance, poetry and vocal interpretation. Its personality, its atmosphere and characters are themes for cinema, refection, theatre and creative writing as well as symphonic and chamber music, opera and ballet. They recreate the style, plot and choreography. There are fifty thousand pieces related to tango.
Gapp Music and the Tango
GAPP MUSIC is a musical company created in Rosario (Argentina) in 1981 and later located in Spain in 2002.
It was first a recording studio, later a record producer with the brand GAPP RECORDS and finally it deals with sound design and management.
In each GAPP MUSIC premise, from the beginning, the TANGO has been an essential part. Great leading authorities and interpreters used our studio in Argentina.
GAPP RECORDS has edited important pieces such as Tango Cumbre Mundial (Rosario 2000). It this record there is a jewel: Quiereme ,the only tango by CARLOS GARDEL which was still unknown and which we recovered from the movie La casa es seria filmed by Paramount in France in 1932.
As a sound company, GAPP MUSIC has provided and still provides services for the leading figures and also takes part in TANGO international Events in Granada, Torrejn de Ardoz, Sagunto, Albacete, Sevilla, Almera and San Sebastin. We also provide the sound for the leading tango companies and artists in Spain and other European countries. We have also been in charge of sound for the 34th IBEROAMERICAN CINEMA FESTIVAL IN HUELVA where TANGO was a major part.
From the Management Department of GAPP MUSIC we produce tango events and piece and we also represent artist from Rio de La Plata area who are touring Europe or permanently living here. That is why we permanently count on a staff of artists (solo singers and ensembles) all year long. Furthermore, we organize ALBACETES INTERNATIONAL TANGO FESTIVAL together with the town hall.

Those are the reasons why you should consider GAPP MUSIC when thinking about TANGO

Gapp Music
We can tell from our experience that a good show deserves a matching sound equipment to produce outstanding results.
Most theatres provide their own musical equipment but each show has specific technical requirements.
That is why GAPP MUSIC can provide the best quality of sound at an excellent value.
This is possible thanks to a constant renewal of equipment and a long experience. We have been providing sound to outstanding artists since 1981 in South America and 2002 in Europe.
To render quality sound, every piece of the sound chain needs to be the best. We, GAPP SOUND, use the best makes in the world which can cater for a music show or a symphonic orchestra.